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Still Time Media has over a decade of experience shooting live performance videos for local music artists, DJs and bands. These videos help showcase your talents to venues, record labels, and most importantly, your fans. We can even put together a professional electronic press kit for you to send out!

We can capture your next song or setlist at any venue or studio. Multi-camera options are available with clean audio from the mixer for a polished look and sound. Here are just a few examples…

Shayliff - dots & lines (live)

Gotta admit...this song was so good, we felt big pressure while making the visual. I think we NAILED IT.

That girl dj millennial party 4

Oh, snap! A fly disc jockey scratches through the 90s phattest jams. It's da bomb! Eat my shorts! Ok, I'm done...

Star chamber live

Multi-frame concert highlights with a heavenly medley of dreamy surf rock tunes

the outlaw drosie wales - in & out it (live)

Concert highlights from the outlaw with mad bars. "All y'all tryin' to be Post Malone" - I mean, where's the lie?


Still Time Media has been professionally shooting sporting events since 2007. We have covered high school and college football, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. 

We specialize in making cinematic highlight videos, showcasing the drama of the game. Let us shoot your sporting event! Check out our rates and a few examples below…

Byrd high vs captain shreve high

The biggest rivalry in northwest Louisiana has never looked better.

arkansas high vs texas high

Two schools. Two states. One city. This game gets intense.

carthage high vs marshall high

East Texas juggernauts battle it out on the gridiron.

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